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Tech Toys: AR-based Crane Training, a Booming Social Platform For Tradespeople | Construction Dive

A ‘digital home’ for American tradespeople.

A new mobile application aiming to create a “digital home” for tradespeople across the U.S. is quickly gaining momentum.

After a soft launch in January with 3,500 users, Trade Hounds has grown to a user base of more than 16,000 representing every state, according to the company. On an Apple or Google Play platform, construction workers across the skilled trades can share advice and stories, connect with others in their industry and showcase work photos. The app has a strong appeal with millennials and younger generations in the trades, the company says, with nearly 60% of new membership age 35 or below.

Trade Hounds secured $1.5 million in seed funding last year and has partnered with about a dozen contractors and subcontractors...

By Joe Beeton, Kathleen Brown

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