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Trade Hounds Community Guidelines

Everyday, tradespeople use Trade Hounds to showcase their proud work to get noticed, make authentic connections with real tradespeople, learn from pros or give advice to Hounds in need, and get rewarded by earning free tools and gear. We are the digital home to over 250,000+ skilled tradespeople across America, empowering freedom of expression of our craft.

We understand the importance of self-expression, but also have zero tolerance for abusive behavior of any kind. As such, we created the below Community Guidelines to help you understand what does and does not have a place on Trade Hounds. These guidelines are created with help from you - our community members - to ensure your voice is heard and your community is kept safe.

Please take a moment to read each guideline. If you notice someone or something that does not adhere to them, please report it to us immediately using Trade Hounds’ reporting features, and we will take swift action to address it. All in all, these guidelines are created with your protection and enjoyment in mind when using Trade Hounds:

  • We contribute to the Trade Hounds Community by posting and discussing content in a manner that is positive and encouraging to members, old and new.

  • We are proud of our work and admire our fellow tradespeople, and so we must share content and opinions in a manner that is appropriate, dignified, and safe for all members of Trade Hounds.

  • Abusive content has no place on Trade Hounds and will be dealt with swiftly and seriously. If you see content that is abusive, graphic, or singles out another member, please “Report” the post and Trade Hounds will take immediate action.

  • Hate speech, culturally insensitive posts, and content containing illegal substances have no place on Trade Hounds. If you see such content, please Report the post and Trade Hounds will take immediate action.

  • Whether a union member or non-union, we are free to provide our humble, professional opinions when asked or inquired about respective lines of work. We are respectful of each other’s work when contributing on Trade Hounds.

  • We are committed to furthering each other’s knowledge and deepening the feeling of community in all lines of work and trade.