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Showcase your products in America’s largest community for skilled trades

Trade Hounds is a free social media app with over 335,000 users who work as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, mechanics, HVAC technicians, masons and everything in between. They use the app to showcase their work, find jobs and learn about tools to help them get the job done. Trade Hounds is growing into a marketplace where manufacturers and distributors can reach their target customers, making it easier for tradespeople to find what they need and learn how to use it.

What’s your problem?

  • Your products aren’t getting the attention they deserve.
  • Customers want authentic videos created by people they trust.
  • Customers are tired of searching for what they need on multiple websites. 
  • Customers are increasingly ignoring traditional advertising.
  • It feels impossible to create enough content to support channel partners.
  • It’s tough to drive adoption from new product launches.
  • It’s hard for you to measure conversions & ROI.
  • It’s hard to create the content that drives revenue growth. 

What’s Our Solution?

  • We showcase your products in authentic user generated videos.
  • We use precise user data to help you consistently reach your customers.
  • We provide specific insights about your viewers & your markets.
  • We make it easy for tradespeople to buy your products. 

Where are sponsored videos posted?

  • Inside the Trade Hounds app directly to your target demo.
  • On Trade Hounds social media platforms. 
  • To social influencer platforms. 
  • On your website, social & channel partner platforms.
Trade Hounds for manufacturers Klein Tools and Electrician U 2

Free Giveaways

Not sure where to start? Who doesn't love free stuff? Our Trade Hounds users certainly do. All you need to do is let us know what you'd like to give away. We'll do the rest. We promote giveaways in the app and on social media. To get maximum reach, giveaways are promoted as sponsored posts on the official Trade Hounds account, banner ads, pop-up ads and push notifications.

Milwaukee Bandsaw giveaway Trade Hounds cell phone
Red Wing work boot Trade Hounds giveaway on cell
dewalt tool giveaway trade hounds

Have specific goals you'd like to accomplish? We customize calls to action to ensure users engage with your brand in a way that gets you the highest ROI. One popular CTAs is to ask users to share pics or videos of themselves using your products. You can then publish  user generated content across your platforms. Other brands ask users to connect with your Trade Hounds account to enter the giveaway.

Banner Ads

  • Displayed at the top of users’ feeds for maximum visibility.
  • Target users by ZIP code, job title and trade.
  • Thumbnail image, heading, emojis and clickable CTA button.
  • When clicked, banner button can take users to a full page with more details and CTA button.
  • Multi-step banner CTA’s display progress to remind users to complete steps.
Banner add with dog in Trade Hounds bandana

Pop-Up Ads

  • Reach a targeted audience with pop-up ads.
  • You can target users by ZIP code, job title and trade.
  • Ad pops up and freezes user’s screen until they click the CTA or close the ad.
  • CTA button can link to any URL inside or outside app.
  • Showcases a featured image, headline, description, CTA button and emojis.
TH pop up giveaway milwuakee

Sponsored Posts

  • Sponsored posts appear on the official Trade Hounds account so it’s visible in the main and discover feeds.
  • Can be video up to 90-seconds, photo or graphic.
  • Can sell products and/or promote giveaway contests.
  • Description can include CTA with clickable URL.
  • CTA can ask for user generated content to repurpose on other platforms.
  • Measures likes & comments.
  • You can engage with users in the comment section.
trade hounds sponsored post jonard tools cell-1


“Partnering with Trade Hounds and its unique niche within the skilled trade sector presents us with a new avenue for connecting directly with this critical audience and participate in the important conversations they are having on a trusted networking platform.”       

-Mark Klein, Co-President of Klein Tools

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Power in Numbers

Meet some of our social media influencers who supercharge brand awareness and sales. In addition to promoting your products in the Trade Hounds app, they'll also share your brand on their own social media platforms. This ensures you get the biggest return on your investment and reach new customers.

Dustin circle headshot pic

Electrician U

Dustin Stelzer is a master electrician. He runs the YouTube channel Electrician U, which has more than 80 million views and 655K subscribers. His TikTok account has 2.7 million likes and 412K followers. He also has 156K followers on Instagram. 

Lexi circle headshot pic

Lex the Electrician

Lexi Abreu, aka Lex the Electrician, has 18.5 million likes and 1 million followers on TikTok.  She won a YouTube Content Creator Award for surpassing 100K subscribers and 25 million views. She also has 600K followers on Instagram.

KSPARKY Kevin Martinez circle headshot


Kevin Martinez, aka KSPARKY, is a bilingual electrician who creates videos in Spanish and English. He works new commercial construction. His TikTok account has 336K likes. His instagram has 64K followers.

Authentic Content

Here's an example of the type of authentic content that's proven to resonate with customers you're trying to reach. Tradespeople are more likely to buy from someone like themselves. Our influencers don't only sell products, they also add value by teaching people how to use your tools.

How Can Manufacturers Join?

We are happy to customize our offerings to achieve your goals. Here are some of our most popular partnerships.

Raise brand awareness with free giveaway contests. You pick what you want to give away and we help you promote the contest in our app and on social media.
Sell your tools in featured banner ads in the Trade Hounds app. We’ll get your brand in front of your customers and help you convert awareness to sales.
Premier Bundle
This package comes with two videos by the industry’s biggest influencers and five videos by certified technicians. It also includes a one-year verified brand account.
Brand Account
Publish videos, photos and product content to your verified profile to raise awareness and get real-time user data. Engage with your customers, answer questions in public feeds and direct messages.
User Research
With Trade Hounds polls, ask questions directly to your target customers to learn more about their preferences. Gather useful data to increase your ROI and improve your KPIs.
We put your products in the hands of the most popular pros on social media. Influencers show how to use your tools then post the videos on their social platforms and the Trade Hounds app.

Contact us

We'd love to learn more about your goals so we can help you achieve them. Not ready to commit? We offer free giveaways. We'll promote your giveaway in our app at no cost to you. Easily schedule a Zoom meeting to get started.

Prefer to email? You can reach us at