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Trade Hounds launches construction jobs platform nationwide

Having built a community of 175,000 skilled tradespeople, Trade Hounds now enables contractors to recruit workers directly from its platform.

Posted by Kim Lux | Link to original article here

BOSTON –Trade Hounds announced the launch of its Jobs platform, which connects contractors directly with the skilled tradespeople they’re seeking to hire. Trade Hounds has built a vast community of 175,000 tradespeople that are already using the platform to showcase their work, build professional profiles and expand their networks.

Trade Hounds believes a construction-only hiring platform is needed to meet the unique demands of both workers and employers in construction. The company has taken what it calls a “worker-first approach” by building a platform that workers use for a variety of professional reasons – showcasing work, building professional profiles and networking.

“The motivations and preferences of tradespeople differ from those of the corporate job seeker,” said David Broomhead, co-founder and CEO of Trade Hounds. “We’ve built a professional community where tradespeople feel they belong. Construction companies recognize the value of a platform that provides direct and efficient access to a larger pool of qualified talent. Our Jobs platform fills a huge void in an industry that deserves is own unique solution.”

Trade Hounds’ Jobs platform is being introduced at a time when the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has displaced construction workers and delayed projects. While disruption from the pandemic lingers, many markets are experiencing a strong recovery, with permitting and jobs starting to pick up.

The Jobs platform strengthens the company’s value proposition by diversifying its user base and creating a way for its community members to source employment opportunities.

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