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Cut out the middleman and connect with skilled trades workers directly. Stop relying on paper, word of mouth, and craigslist. Check out the work section, see it all yourself.


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Trade Hounds will be the best (and only) place online to reach trades workers directly on their mobile device.

Brands can partner with Trade Hounds to create exciting experiences for Trade Hounds members.



Trade Hounds will be the easiest way to find great workers to hire.


Trade Hounds is built on a proprietary ‘seamless

sign-on’ platform that instantly secures each app to its owner’s device, and allows users to create accounts in seconds.

We’re also building a content curation engine that delivers entertaining and professional content to members on-demand, customizing delivery on a user-by-user basis.

Trade Hounds will be a great resource for seminars and workshops regarding the trade industry.

Partner schools can have graduates use TradeHounds to find their first jobs.

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