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2019 Top Apps for Construction Businesses | Reliant Funding

Reliant Funding’s 2019 Top Apps for Construction Businesses.

Need help streamlining your construction projects or business operations? There’s an app for that. There are several apps out there to help you stay more connected to your team, capitalize on opportunities and stay in control of the day to day.  We asked the experts to reveal which apps are best for professionals in the industry based on the challenges they face. Each of these applications can revolutionize your construction business through improved communication, collaboration and increased profits for your business. Read on to learn about some of the best construction apps for 2019.

For Community Connection

Trade Hounds

Description: Trade Hounds is a new app for blue collar construction workers all over the United States. The Trade Hound mobile app, debuting in January, connects trade workers in real time all over the country by providing them a digital social focus group they can call their own.

Best for:

– Construction workers/Contractors
– Carpenters
– Plumbers
– Electricians


  • One-stop shop for construction workers etc. to connect with each other to discuss their jobs, their families and their life/work issues.
  • Members can share their experiences, discuss their projects, showcase their best work, and store, organize and share work photos with fellow trade workers.
  • Trade Hounds empowers trade workers by providing them a digital home to learn from each other, improve, and validate their work, all in real time – no matter their location . . .

By The Reliant Team

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