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Higher Highs, Lower Lows | Elliott Asset Management

Peter Maglathlin has a vision.

To help workers with highly specialized skills connect with each other for support and mentorship, as well as get in front of potential employers.

It’s an industry where traditional written resumes just don’t work. And this social network – with an app – will allow the workers to show off their stuff in a visual way – like a digital storefront.

We talk about how he identified this market and grew the network to 50,000+ members in just five months, as well as…

  • The two ways they can monetize the network – and why they haven’t done it yet
  • How to identify the priorities that will grow your business – and the tasks that don’t matter
  • An unexpected strategy for policing inappropriate content
  • The people you need at work and at home when starting a business
  • And more

Listen now…

Jay Sparks

Peter Maglathlin | Higher Highs, Lower Lows

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