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Trade Hounds for Contractors

Find skilled talent to build your crews

Trade Hounds contractor job board for hiring on laptop cell and tablet

Struggling to hire good workers?

The shortage of skilled labor makes it incredibly hard for contractors to staff a great crew and make consistent revenue. So, we’re offering an employer job board in Trade Hounds, the country’s largest construction app with over 300,000 tradespeople. When competition for workers is this tough, you need a tool that will give you the advantage.


3 million skilled trade jobs will remain unfilled by 2028


tradespeople retiring by 2028. For each person who enters the trades, 5 retire 


The application rate in our industry fell 49% between 2020 & 2022

What’s your problem?

  • There’s a tight labor market with unfilled positions.
  • Projects are delayed or canceled.
  • Your company isn’t getting the attention it deserves.
  • It’s difficult to connect with & recruit the right technicians.
  • You’re unsure how to build a competitive salary & benefits package.

What’s our solution?

  • Contractor talent solutions.
  • Find qualified technicians in your market.
  • Salary & compensation insights.
  • Company profile to host content that drives technician awareness.
  • Post job fairs to techs in your market.
  • Create social influencer content to promote your company.
  • Enhance training programs to drive talent acquisition & retention.
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How can contractors join?

Employer Accounts

Contractors can engage directly with field technicians. We help you create and publish impactful social recruiting videos, and other content to your verified profile to raise awareness. You get real-time user data to enhance your business.

Job Board

We help you create and post job listings that are targeted directly to field technicians, foremen, and project managers. We provide insights to help you offer competitive salary and benefits packages to improve hiring success.


Trade Hounds offers online certifications, and continuing education programs. We help you invest in the productivity of your workforce while improving recruiting and retention performance.