Workplace Accidents Reduced by Wearable Technology:

With workplace accidents costing the upwards of $250 billion a year in the USA, measures to reduce them seem like a handy investment.

The construction industry has recently turned to new technologies in order to combat the growing problem, and better manage risk.

Wearable technology is proving to be one of the many solutions emerging which could change the game and help reduce workplace accidents.

Triax Technologies, a company based in Connecticut, is just one of many developing wearable technology for the construction industry.

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A product released by Triax is basically a sensor worn on the construction worker’s belt, which tracks their whereabouts, motion and has an emergency locator button to alert others of accidents and injuries.

“It’s a safety system for construction,” said Chief Operating Officer Pete Schermerhorn

“If someone slips, trips or falls on site, this sends an automatic notification [to a site supervisor] that someone has hit the ground.

“The system logs how high they fell, where they fell on site, and who else was in the geographic area.”

However, Triax may be facing some difficulty when trying to implement the product into the US market.

Recent studies have revealed that the construction the second-least digitized industry in the US.

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Still, this technology could be a game changer when it comes to managing workplace accidents and minimizing insurance costs for companies.

“Unfortunately, incidents happen on construction sites. But if you can mitigate the incidents that have already happened, or prevent incidents that have not happened, then you’re going to see claims go down.”

“It helps to improve worker safety and reduce incident response times, while enabling general contractors to better manage projects and labor productivity.”

So what do you think?

Would you be willing to wear a small sensor if it gave you greater peace of mind while on the job? Tell us below!



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