Trade Hounds Top 5:

Trade Hounds Top 5 is a look back at some of the best posts you may have missed from our Facebook community over the last week.

5. Lock up your mothers:

Dedicated Hound, Pablo, sent in this gem which gave us a much needed laugh last week. Whoever wrote this sign definitely wasn’t messing around. We just hope that everybody stayed safe!

4. The Friday Job Specialist:

This typifies the best and worst of a Friday job. All jokes aside, we truly wonder whether this would actually happen!

3. Don’t Stare Directly at it:

Our friend Zach caught exclusive footage of the rare solar eclipse which passed over the country a few weeks ago. We can only say that Zach is truly the hero we need in this day and age.

2. Constantly Lost:

This one from the hilarious guys over at Car Memes is a struggle many of us would know all too well.

1. No explanation required

There’s stupid, then there’s slam your head against a wall stupid. This goes beyond the latter.


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