How to Stay Cool on The Job:

One of the things we all love about working in the trades is the fact our office isn’t located in an overly air-conditioned building, in a minuscule cubicle, staring at a computer screen while Bob from finance tells about how his kid is going to be the next Tom Brady.

What we love is being outside.

However, while it is great not being confined to the prison cells of the white collar community, being outside does sometime have its downsides.

One of them is we are constantly exposed to the elements, whether it be extreme heat or chilling colds.

With the first day of summer now behind us  we’ve already started shedding those extra layers, thermals and flannels and replacing them with something that won’t make us feel as though we’ve just walked through the Sahara desert.

We took to our great Facebook community to see some of the great tips for staying cool on the job site:


Start from the bottom up (quite literally). There is nothing more uncomfortable than wet underwear. It’s not nice to think about and it’s even worse to talk about. Keeping your privates dry and comfortable is key to keeping yourself productive on a hot day (as well as avoiding the need for huge amounts of baby powder).

Our recommendation? Try finding a pair of microfiber underwear which will draw away the moisture and keep your privates drier than set concrete.

These ones by Hanes should do the trick, and you can grab a whole pack right here.


To wear shorts, or not to wear shorts… that is the question.

Depending on the site you work on, the type of work you do, and  your employer’s preference, wearing shorts on site may not always be an option. This can be particularly harrowing on a hot day. Regardless of which you choose, you’re going to make sure you choose something which is both light and durable to get you through the summer.

These Double Fronted work pants from Carhartt come highly recommended by fellow construction workers as their preferred option for the summer months.


Similar to your pants, you’re going to want something that both is functional, durable and draws the sweat away from your body. While many of you suggested a short-sleeve option, there were a few advocates for a longer sleeved option stating that it provided better protection from the sun.
The main advice, however, stay away from cotton t-shirts and definitely stay away from the old Under Armor shirt – especially if you’re working around sparks.

Shop for the Rugged Outdoors from Carhartt!

Sun Protection:

You’ll always have your hardhat for basic protection, but that’s not going to cut it in a long day out in the sun. If you can get away with not wearing your hardhat for a bit, a big old fashion straw hat will be your best friend. It’s lightweight while also providing you with ample protection from the sun.

Bathing in sunscreen is not the best option, but a little bit of this spray on version will go a long way from stopping you looking like a lobster.

Also, in the words of the wise men of the Wu-Tang Clan, don’t forget to ‘protect ya neck’. Cover up with a bandana or a cloth tucked into your hardhat. If you’re really smart, you’ll wet it first for additional cooling.

Other Tips:

It’s key to stay hydrated on the job. While we’d love for that hydration to come in the form of ice coffee or even a beer, nothing does it better than good old fashioned H20.

If you find yourself getting extra hot, our friend Dave from Facebook recommends dumping your hands in a bucket of ice water to really get the cool circulating throughout your body.

Summer is a great time to pick-up some extra work but, whatever you find yourself doing, make sure you take care out there on those hot days!


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