By: Danielle Lucibello


A shoutout to those plowing, toughing it out for the rest of us


Hope the rest of you didn’t forget the milk and bread.


While I was cooped up in bed with a horrible stomach virus (thanks, children I work with), I stared out the window and thought, “those poor people out there have to plow all that crap”.


New England, pretty much as a whole, got over a foot of snow recently. Most of us were told not to come to work because the roads were awful. And I’m looking at the weather right now on my phone and I think we’re getting more snow Sunday night into Monday. Oh no. Raise your hand if the snow makes you want to move to a place where the air doesn’t hurt your face, and there’s no gross slush on the ground.


I just want to give a shoutout to all you blue-collar folks who had to spend the past 24 hours on the roads plowing/salting/sanding non-stop. The rest of New England really appreciates it. The adults appreciate the safer roads to drive on, and the kids appreciate the huge piles of snow you made for them to play in. 🙂


Keep up the good work!

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