A Skilled Worker Shortage is Hurting the Construction Industry

Skilled Worker Shortage Spikes Debate:

Construction jobs in the USA have continued to boom in 2017 meaning more and more contractors are battling an immense shortage in skilled workers.

Demand was so great it even resulted in 25 states LOSING construction jobs, as they were simply unable to fill all the positions they needed.

The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) found the worker shortage is continuing to impact the construction industry throughout the country.

Increasing pressure is being put on Washington officials to address the growing problem and help put an end to the shortages.

One of the solutions offered by the AGC and other industry bodies, is to increase the amount of training opportunities for both students and young adults.

It is believed an investment in vocational learning will go a long way in relieving the current shortage of workers and also help avoid such problems in the future.

The AGCs’ statement comes just days after President Donald Trump signed an executive order which aimed to increase funding for vocational learning by $200 million.

“Having the President talk about the need for more craft workers in fields like construction is helpful,” said Stephen Sandher, CEO of the AGC.

“Now it is time to act on those good intentions by putting in place measures to expand training opportunities for people considering careers in construction.”

Trade Hounds believes heavily in supporting vocational learning throughout the USA and has partnered with several schools within the New England area.

To learn more about our partnerships with vocational schools, click here.

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