By: Danielle Lucibello


Via CNN: 

Trump’s vow to kill or renegotiate multilateral trade deals was an important factor in his narrow November election victories in industrialized states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, which upended the political map based on the votes of many workers — including Democrats — who feel left behind by economic globalization.
“I think that’s where his head’s at, is trying to look at those people that come to his rallies, that have come to his events, that he’s met with in person that are struggling and say ‘Mr. Trump, I’m working as hard as I can. I’m working two jobs, I’m doing everything by the rules, and I keep getting screwed.”


For the record, I’m not super into politics, nor am I into Trump. But If you’ve been watching the news recently, in Trump’s first WEEK in office he’s already signed multiple executive orders. Pretty much all of them are extremely controversial and it often feels like he’s just making these decisions erratically. But Trump did do one good thing (so far) for blue-collar workers.


How? By renegotiating the North America Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico, claiming they would face huge tariffs if they sent jobs abroad, hoping to keep manufacturing jobs here in America.


However, these trade disputes could make foreign goods more expensive for people like us (think about how much an iPhone would cost if it was made here instead of China), or slow economic growth (because everything would be too expensive to buy), so Trump needs to be very cautious when he makes his next moves.


If anything, he’s not forgetting the blue-collar voters that voted for him. The guy has stuck to his guns whether you like him or not, and the dude sure knows his allies: the voters. He wants to write laws that could just create jobs right then and there, and more likely than not blue-collar America will benefit most from it.


Hey, if all else fails, people can get jobs building Trump’s Wall! (Half-kidding, half-serious)


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