“New Year, New Me!” has ruined everyone’s facebook timeline recently. You hear the usual b.s of people saying they’ll go to the gym more or that they’ll drink less, yada-yada-yada. Since we believe in sincerity around here, we compiled a list of (mostly) useful resolutions for you trades-people out there. Out with the “take yoga classes four times a day,” and in with things that you’ll want to do in 2017.


1. Cure your hangover

Thankfully, you weren’t the type of person that made a resolution to stop drinking. Those people began the first day of 2017 with an epic fail on their terrible resolution. However. This could be the year when you learn to take your drinking to amazing new heights. We’re talking about drinking without a hangover afterwards! In 2016 you busted your tail day in and day out, and you’ll more likely than not do it again in 2017. You deserve to have your beer without wanting to jump off a bridge the next morning.


2. Finally go to a Patriots game! 

Can you even count the number of times you saw TB12 and the Pats destroy their opponents on the gridiron? You’ve experienced the butt fumble, Gronk spiking, and that magical 2001-02 Super Bowl Season. Take the plunge and treat yourself to a game! Imagine how great it would be if to see the greatness happen in live-action! We can help with that. 


3. Go big or go home on your annual fishing trip! 

Why has every one of your other friends got the prize fish, but in all your years fishing you can’t get squat? 2017 is your year. Find the best spot, month, day, hour, minute, and second to plan a fishing trip for the ages. Even if you don’t catch that elusive prize fish, you can still drink like one.


4. Get a job (that doesn’t suck!) 

Looking for work? Looking to improve your work situation? Take control of your life and find that gig that lets your trade skills flourish. If you’re looking for a better to find that dream job, make a profile on our site here!






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