The HVAC Survival Guide

The Guide to Surviving as a HVAC Tech:

Working in HVAC can be an extremely rewarding career choice with plenty of variety to keep you busy. But, the nature of the job will also have you busting your gut working in some difficult conditions.

Cramped up in attics, working outside in all weather conditions and driving hours between job sites can take its toll on your body.

The experienced heads on this forum have put together some easy to follow tips so you can stay fit, healthy, and get the most out of your career.

  1. Wear Sunglasses:

    Wearing a hat and sunscreen may be second nature for anyone constantly working out in the sun, but it is easy at times to forget about your eyes. Chucking on a pair of sunglasses will go a long way in protecting your eyes from damaging rays of the sun. Also, swing down that visor when you’re driving and invest in tinting for your van.

  2. Pack lunch:

    Eating out every day not only takes its toll on your wallet, but it will also leave you looking like worksite Peter Griffin (even if you are on your feet all day). That burger and fries you’re shoving in your mouth for the fifth day in a row will have a long-term impact on your health in the future. Try cutting back and bringing your own lunch from home a few days a week, and look to choose ‘healthier’ options when you go out with the crew.

    Check out these great, easy to make lunch suggestions for the worksite.

    Give the fast-food a break once in a while, unless your goal in life is to look like this guy

  3. Stay hydrated and cool:

    This one is particularly important during those hot summer months where you may be spending hours on end either outside in the heat or cramped up in someone’s attic. Take time to take a break and head to your van for a quick cool down. Always try and keep plenty of water and/or Gatorade with you to make sure you stay hydrated.

    Here are some handy ways you can stay cool on the job this summer

  4. Wear your protective clothing:

    It may not be coming straight off the runways of Milan, but appropriate safety gear is a must when it comes to the worksite. A good set of gloves, safety goggles and a respirator (to help keep the dust out of your lungs)  were among the top recommendations for anyone working in HVAC.

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  5. Learn to say no (politely):

    While this tip may not be directly relatable to the job site we still thought it was one of the best tips on the forum.  A lot of techs will work crazy hours from Monday right through to Saturday, so being able to say ‘no’ to your family/friends when they ask you to do those “small jobs” after work or on your days off will help give you the break you deserve. We’re not saying you should never take these on, but learn to listen to your body and know when you need some time on the couch.


As always, these are just a few of the many great ideas floating around there.

If you’ve got something you’d love to share, make sure you comment below!

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