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Hounds on the Job Site:

If there is one thing all tradespeople can agree on, it’s that there is no greater satisfaction than seeing your hard work come to life on the job site. This is one of the reasons we love our jobs so much.

Really, imagine being stuck at a desk, staring at a screen and all you have to brag about is a nicely formatted spreadsheet in excel. Talk about boring.

Because we love seeing your work from the job site so much, we took to our Facebook community to see what our Hounds have been up to so far this week.

As always, you guys never cease to amaze.

Here are a few of our favorite posts.

1. High Standards:

We really love this clean finish Rick has on this hickory ceiling he finished working on today.

2. Neat is the key:

We think we could stare at John’s tidy work all day. Just look how neat this is!

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3. Final Inspection:

James really finished off today, and was just waiting for the final walk through at his job site.

4. Rainy Day Blues:

A little wet weather didn’t stop Drew today. He was hard at work getting this done out in Nedham, MA.

5. Stairway to Heaven:

Mark was hard at work ripping out and redoing this stairway in his house. Looks like all the hard work has paid off!

Think you can do better?

Stop by our Facebook page and drop us a comment with your work for your chance to be featured next time!

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