Home Improvement Stores in Hot Water

Home improvement stores Home Depot and Menards are in hot water after being accused of deceiving buyers about the true size of their wood cuts.

It comes after some weekend ‘do it yourself’ geniuses, discovered that a four-by-four board isn’t actually measured four-by-four.

(Is this what happens when a white collar attempts to do a blue-collar job?)

While the actual measurements are well known within the construction industry, the lawyers filing the case are arguing it is not reasonable for the regular, non-construction worker to know industry terms.

“It’s difficult to say that for a reasonable consumer, when they walk into a store and they see a label that says four-by-four, that that’s simply – quote unquote – a trade name,” one of the attorneys said.

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The attorneys behind the case are also claiming the home improvement stores’ advertising was ‘false and misleading’ and they ‘received significant profits from its false marketing and sale of its dimensional lumber products’.

Firing back at the lawsuit, representatives for both companies have called the claims ‘bogus’ and are stating it is common knowledge that, names such as two-by-four or four-by-four, do not describe the dimensions of a piece of wood. 

Members of the blue-collar community have also chimed in at the somewhat ridiculous lawsuit, supporting both Home Depot and Menards.

The lawsuit stems after three men purchased wood for home-improvement projects, got home, measured the pieces and finally worked out they were not the sizes they had thought.

Now, if successful, they stand to see both companies part with $5 million.

(Maybe we’re in the wrong game here)

While we definitely advocate supporting your local timber yards and hardware stores, this does seem like a bit of a rough deal for the guys at Home Depot and Menards. 

Should they be held accountable for people’s ignorance? 

Tell us what you think below.


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