Five Times Plumbers Have Had the Dirtiest Jobs:

It’s a well known within the industry that some of the dirtiest jobs fall to the plumbers.

Crawling through tight spaces, dealing with overflowing toilets and having to clean-up the mess when other tradesman stuff-up, plumbers deserve some pretty high wraps when it comes to the tasks they’re given.

While this forum was literally overflowing (pun intended) with stories which would have you dry-reaching in an instant, these are five times plumbers have had the dirtiest jobs on site.

1. Getting a face full of it:

Give us dirty hands, filthy clothes, or even standing in the occasional pile of crap and we can deal with it fine. However, we’re going to have a major issue as soon as anything is on our face. Fair to say this poor plumber would have been scrubbing his face for days!

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2.The Poor Apprentice:

Who doesn’t love milk? Seriously, sometimes there’s just nothing more refreshing than a cold glass of it. This apprentice plumber may have made the switch to almond milk after he found himself taking the wrong type of ‘milk bath’ on the job.

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3. Cleaning up the Mess:

Remember when we mentioned earlier that plumbers are often left to clean up the mess left by others on the site? This guy may have been on cloud nine after scoring a new job, but he would have quickly been reduced to cloud number two after his boss gave him this task.

4. Getting Down and Dirty:

This poor plumber kept his patience well after the customers he was working for did their best to make his job even harder for him. Someone should give him an award for getting through this!

5. Chocolate Fondue:

In terms of messy jobs, this one takes the cake. It takes a special type of job to ruin beer and chocolate for us, but we think we might take a break from both after reading this poor plumber’s story.


Have anymore disgusting stories? We’d love to hear them!


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