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#1 Location for Blue Collar Workers
Find quality and reliable skilled trades people
Trade Hounds connects you with the best skilled trades people in your area fast. Review video resumes and job photos via your desktop and mobile device and make better hiring decisions.
Benefits include:
  • Search trades people with different trade types, and levels within a GPS range of your job
  • Create your companies profile for free, get connected
  • Post photos and videos of your companies work to attract top trades people
Find workers faster and easily
Existing job board sites are outdated and do not address the needs of the skilled trades and blue collar worker. We are disrupting the industry by creating a new online resume for the hard-working trades person. Upload a video resume and photos of your work all from your mobile phone. It's free and easy to use.
Benefits include:
  • Find millions of jobs on your phone anywhere, anytime for free
  • Create an online profile and connect to companies anywhere in America
  • Shoot a video resume in under 2min, take a photo and upload instantly
Search and match to the best tradesmen and businesses near you
You know what you need and you need to get it fast. Our Trade Hounds search platform allows you to get the guys you need, cheaper and faster than any other business. Benefits include:
Benefits include:
  • Search and match to workers by trade type, location, salary and more
  • Access vocational schools, veterans, apprentices, master tradesmen, and more
Find your next hire through our video profile
Trade Hounds is changing the game. We are introducing video resumes to the blue collar industry. Let’s be honest, most tradesmen don’t have resumes. So, we’ve made it easier for them to upload a quick video of themselves via their smart phone. Benefits include:
Benefits include:
  • Making the vetting process, easier, faster and BETTER
  • Being able to test a worker’s communication skills, attitude, and cultural fit within two minutes
  • Share video profiles with easy, to make faster and better decisions

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Job posting for 1 Month

Unlimited views of applicant profiles

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Unlimited views of applicant profiles

Post appears at top of job search

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