construction thievesCombat Construction Thieves With TheseFour Easy Steps:

There’s no worse feeling than rocking up to the site first thing in the morning to discover you’ve been targeted by some parasitic construction thieves.

It definitely doesn’t help that the problem seems to be getting worse rather than better too.

Just one of the many stories floating around involves police finally capturing a four man burglary crew who ravaged construction sites across St. Louis stealing up to $100,000 worth of items.

Frustration is understandably growing within our community, resulting in some workers taking matters into their own hands (see the video below).

While we may not be able to stop these thieves from getting into our sites completely, we can put into place a few measures to help minimize the threat.

Here are four easy ways you can deter burglars from targeting your worksite:

  1. Ramp Up Your Site Security:

    Thieves never want to get caught, so one easy and sensible step you can take in assuring your gear remains safe is to beef up the security you have around site. Add lights, alarms, fences, cameras, whatever it takes to create an environment which will have these cowards stopping in their tracks. Oh, and if you’re going to leave your tools on site, make sure they’re locked up and secured in a safe place. Better still, just take them home with you!

  2. Only Get Supplies As Required:

    The more you have on the site, the more you are at risk of losing. Managing inventory so you are only keeping the essential items on site means there will be less for midnight raiders to get their hands on when you are not around. It may be a pain, and will require some foresight, but it go a long way in helping to reduce potential theft.

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  3. Keep Detailed Inventory Records:

    None of us got into construction for the paperwork and the thought of spending any additional time on a computer/filling out forms makes us cringe. However, if you make a note of every major supply coming in or out of the site, you’ll be able to map out the path your supplies take. If you share the workload with other workers, it will force them to take personal responsibility and help reduce any internal theft which may be occurring.

  4. Get Tracking:

    Technology once again has a great and easy solution to ensure that, even if our gear does get taken, we can do everything in our power to try and get it back. While we don’t recommend taking matters into your own hands if you’re the victim of theft, by using simple tracking items, you will be able to direct the police in the right direction of the piece of scum thief.
    On a simple level, you could use simple ‘stick-and-go’ style products like Tile or TrackR to tag the most important parts of your material.
    On a higher level, you could invest in a service like Data Dot which is a company specializing in combating equipment theft. Data Dot has a very interesting way of making it easy to identify, mark and secure all your inventory which has led to an 80% reduction of on site theft.


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