Construction Industry Booming

The number of available construction jobs in the States have hit the highest levels since April 2007.

In its monthly report, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) revealed the continuation of an upward trend within the construction industry which has seen the number of job openings, hires and even compensation continue to rise to new highs.

There were over 203,000 job openings and 516,000 job hires with the BLS indicating the upward trend is only going to continue.

In fact, the BLS believe the huge numbers being seen in the industry shows contractors would have hired even more workers if they had been able to find enough qualified candidates.

It gets even better.

The average hourly wage for workers in the industry rose to $38.73 in March, a figure 17% higher than the private industry average. It was also the biggest the industry had seen since 2012.

What does this all mean?

It’s a great time to be in construction and the perfect opportunity to find work if you’re looking.

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