Construction Education on the Rise:

Construction education programs have received a massive boost with the teenagers of America are finally realizing that college isn’t the only path available to them following high school.

A recent report from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center has shown vocational schools have had the largest percentage increase in enrollment between spring 2016 and spring 2017.

The 26.4% increase is driven largely by the amount of jobs currently available in the industry, the variety of work and the ability for students to see the physical results of their hard work.

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Bill Bender, the professor and department chair for construction management at the University of Washington, attributes the rise in enrollment largely  the unique opportunities not often presented by traditional college education.

“A lot of the students are drawn because there’s a sense of accomplishment when you’re on a project team and you build something,” Bender says
“Construction management’s a blend of architecture, business and engineering.”

While the numbers still don’t match the huge numbers of kids flocking to more traditional college programs each year, there has been more commitment from colleges and universities to expand construction curriculum.

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