The clock hits 5 pm. You’ve been grinding the day out in the freezing cold. Even though you’re more tired than anything else, there is only one thing that you want more in the entire world. Even more than your football team(s) beating the spread on a Sunday.

You want a cold and refreshing beer, pretty much now. However, you want to hang with some of the crew members after the shift. You’re game, but unsure if anyone else as well. So here are the easy tells if one of the guys wants to split some suds after work:

They’ll want a brew if:

1. The Mrs. or Girlfriend has got them in a good mood:

“Yeah things with the girl are going awesome dude!” Is a great sign that they’ll want ride that wave of good vibes with a cold one after work.

2. The Mrs. or Girlfriend has got them in an awful mood:

This guy referring to their house as “jail.” His pickup truck has an unusual crack in the windshield, and mentions it as a “misunderstanding.” You might not only have to drive him home, but he may be crashing at your place.

3. Everyone had a good day on the job:

For whatever reason, everything seemed to click on the Jobsite. There weren’t any major hiccups and lunch arrived a few minutes early, instead of 20 minutes late. Everyone is happily buying everyone else rounds at the bar

4. Everyone had a bad day on the job:

This is one to forget, with a little help from Bud. Like the above situation, but more grunting and less smiling

5.  Your boss is the f**king man: 

You got lucky enough where you boss is just like one of the boys. He’ll even let you out early from time to time so everyone can grab a pint.

6. Your boss actually sucks: 

Escape. The other crew members borderline sprint away at the sight of this prick. When he makes everyone work double shifts, then the bar will be the only reprise for the day.

7. It’s Tuesday

Just a normal day. You ask everyone “hey want to hit the bar?” They say yes. Pretty solid way to start the evening.

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