Boot Company Wins the Race for Pointless Fashion

A world-famous boot company has taken the outride lead in what can only be described as pointless fashion.

Not to be outdone by  this designer who tried to make high-vis vests sexy or this absolute attempted robbery by Nordstrom who tried to sell dirt covered jeans for close to $600, the boot company from down under have submitted their claim for world’s most pointless fashion.

It would seem as though some genius designer at RM Williams thought it would be a great idea to release a metallic gold boot. That’s right, you read correctly, the boot is metallic gold.

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Willy Wonka would be proud of the latest design from the famous Australian boot company with what they are describing as their ‘ultra-chic’ design.

Surprisingly, RMs do have quite the reputation for being a high-quality boot, and have been regularly used by everyone from farmers in the outback to corporate white collars.

However, we highly doubt that anyone doing any form of work will be rocking these ultra-flashy boots.

If you are interested, however (and don’t let us judge you – much), you can pick-up a pair of these bad boys for just over $400 USD… as long as you don’t mind waiting eight weeks for them to be delivered.

You’d definitely be the talk of all the crew if you were to rock up in them on site!


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