Best Time Tracking Apps

Time Tracking Apps to Increase Revenue on the Job Site

We all work hard, and we all want to get paid. Gone are the days where you can rely on people to pay you for the work you’ve done. So here are some handy apps for you to log your time and get the money you deserve!


Review after review, TSheets consistently rates amongst the best time tracking apps available for the industry. Not only does the TSheets offer an app for both iPhone and Android, it also provides a variety of other ways for the workers to log their times including through text, desktop or even Twitter. With an online cloud-based system, the service does not require any software to be installed and can be accessed anywhere, anytime with great ease. TSheets also allows its users to export to a number of payroll systems, meaning you won’t have to worry when it comes to payday! Pricing does vary depending on your business size, but there are reasonable plans for both individuals and businesses.


A platform which is growing relatively quickly, Harvest offers a clean, simple and easy to use interface for tracking time and generating invoices. Similar to TSheets, the platform is available on iPhone, Android, and Desktop and offers a number of ways to export timesheets. If you’re working on a strict budget, Harvest also provides ‘Forecast’, a tool which allows you to see how your hours are tracking and whether you will be over/under the budget. While it is not highly as rated as the TSheets system, Harvest’s usability, ease of invoicing, timesheet approval system and fast-expense logging options are some of its major strengths to consider.


RedTeam is perhaps the most robust of all the platforms we’ve spoken about and one that is specifically geared towards the construction industry. While the plans are a little more pricey than your typical time-tracking app, RedTeam does have plenty of other features which will help you manage the job from the very beginning to the very end. Built by contractors, for contractors, RedTeam provides users with the tools to develop new business, create quotes, schedule work, contact other contractors and manage their time and much more.

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