By: Danielle Lucibello

Well, these are the ones think are the best:

1.  Febreze



This was the most majestic display of toilets I have ever seen. I just love the seriousness of the commercial mixed with the concept of poop jokes. It definitely made me want to buy Febreze so it did its job,


2.  The Internet wants You



It’s great if you’re like me and enjoy noticing all the different memes one could possibly fit into a 30 second clip. The most obvious ones were the Rickroll, the funny panda, and the blue/yellow dress.


3. Cleaner of Your Dreams



I remember seeing the Mr. Clean commercials and it felt weird as hell to watch them sexualize him this much. But the ending was cute.


4. Roger That



I love this because not only is it showing off the five rings, but it was made before the game was even over! I also love the little dig at Roger Goodell as well.


5. Kia Hero



This ad for the Kia Niro car made it pretty obvious that it’s easier to drive something eco-friendly than to be, eco-friendly, as we see by Melissa’s antics. Poor Melissa.

6.  Yearbooks



This one made me flashback to my cringey yearbook pictures, but I love how they showed all the past icons with the “you can do it” mentality. It felt very relatable, and they somehow managed to tie it into a honda car commercial with “chasing dreams”. Is it me or are they really stretching how weird they can make a car commercial, before bringing it back to the car?


7.  Ghost in the Shell



I felt like throwing in a movie commercial too to give the list a little more variety. I never watched the original Ghost in the Shell series, but it looks like a half-robot half-human fighting evil and it looks very cool to me.

Have any more that you personally liked? Share with us in the comments!

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