“Nice suit douche bag!” I’m sure some of us have screamed this at some Ivy League no socks wearing douche bag with too much gel in his hair… you both come from two different worlds, his, a silver spoon and an easy ride probably on daddy’s dime, you, busting your ass from 5 am every morning 6 days a week, and you freakin’ love it and wouldn’t have it any other way!! Here are 9 things this douche bag needs to know…

1. The workday is infinitely more badass:

the most badass construction worker ever

2. Your co-workers are hilarious:

3. YOU’RE the expert in your field, so you don’t have to take crap from someone like this:

4. HR Department? There isn’t one!:

5. The work vehicles are way cooler than a four door sedan:

6. Are there fun toys like this in a cubicle?:

7. Ingenuity is encouraged and rewarded:

8. At the end of the day, you can say that you actually worked your ass off without any handouts:

9. You’re know how to be valuable to society without dropping thousands of dollars on a poetry degree:

Any you think we should have included? Comment below or share with your friends to see what they think!

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