5 Workplace Injuries That Will Make You Cringe:

Injuries and working in the trades go hand-in-hand. The nature of the job, the tools we use and the conditions we work in means there are always bound to be a few accidents (no matter how cautious we are).

When accidents do happen, the injuries that result are pretty disgusting. However, they do make for great stories and even better pictures!

With that in mind, we took to our great Facebook community to see which of our Hounds has the best (worst) injury out there!

Here are a few of our favorites.

1. Man vs. Saw – 

Diamonds are forever and so is this nice scar Zach picked up from a concrete saw! 


2. Flat Out –

This little pinky when crying all the way home.


3. Picasso –

We’d highly recommend Teto stays away from knives and sticks to the paintbrushes.


4. Re-routing

We can’t even imagine how much this would have hurt.


5. Right in the Eye:

Kyle’s injury isn’t just painful to read about, it also shows the long term impact some of these injuries can have.


Of course, these are just a few of the many entries we received.

You can check out all of the submissions by clicking here.

Remember, safety is a massively important part of our jobs.

Always wear the right clothing, pack your safety goggles and pay attention to what you’re doing to ensure you don’t end up the main star of this post next time!

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