Construction Pranks You Can Easily Do

The job site is a place for work. But, as the saying goes, “all work and no play, makes jack a dull boy”.

While there are some absolutely great pranks which get pulled, including this one we published on our Facebook page, sometimes the simple ones are the most effective.

So, to find out what you guys get up to when the boss isn’t watching, we asked some friends to tell us the best pranks they’ve pulled on the job.

1. The Grease Ball:

This quick step prank could also be perfect for that apprentice who refuses to put their phone down.

2. Nailed It:

One of our favorites to come through, this one will have the recipient absolutely baffled. The number one way to force a diet!

3. Bargain!

Imagine this happening to you! You’ve just managed to buy the truck of your dreams and get a call with someone offering you to buy it from you.

We spoke with industry veteran and This Old House star, Charlie Silva! Check it out here! 

4. The Walking Dead:

This burn may literally require first aid attention.

5. Sleeping Beauty:

The number one rule? Never, EVER, fall asleep near your buddy. You’re bound to end up being a social media star.


Think you can do better than these guys? Jump over to our Facebook page and share your best construction pranks!

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