We’ve all been there. You’re going on site with the rest of the crew. Everyone expects to finish up yesterday’s job in the morning and start the next one after lunch. Typical day, no problem. Now you’ve pulled in and you’re ready to have a fairly straightforward day.

….And then you actually get to the jobsite.

Everything’s a complete mess. Lumber is strewn about everywhere, no one can find their tools, everyone is irritable, and your coffee all of a sudden tastes more burnt than when you picked it up from Dunkies. You hope that this is an isolated incident and that the bar is a little less crowded once you clock out.

Don’t be the victim of a bad jobsite: here are the 10 repeating signs to look for if you have a great jobsite, or a terrible one.

#1. The Lumber is either fairly organized OR got scattered by a magic tornado (w/image):

#2. The Dumpster is regularly emptied OR has been overflowing since week two of the job (w/image): 

#3. You and your co-workers all follow the same football team OR you and your co-workers hate each other’s football teams.

#4. The best sub shop near your site is right down the street OR the best sub shop near you is a town and-a-half over.

#5. There are new guys to pick up lunch OR you’re the new guy

#6. The after work bar nearest to the site is your watering hole OR the nearest place to get a brew from is frequented by IPA-drinking hipsters named “Jericho”

#7. Your favorite tools you’ve been using on-site are always in the same place as you left them OR they get stolen.

#8. You don’t have to take the highway to get to the jobsite OR the jobsite is located through 3 hours of morning traffic.

#9. You’re part of the excavation crew OR you’re the guy that has to work around the equipment the excavation crew left behind

#10. The contractor/builder hires a clean up crew OR they try and save money by “hiring” their nephews/kids/grandkids as the clean up crew.

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