By: Danielle Lucibello


When the job site gets a little too crazy.


  1. Ok seriously how did they even manage this?


How does that lift have so much strength? Nevermind the guy balancing on it.


2) Fire Escape. What were they thinking???



I’m really hoping there’s something soft to land on…


3) This is why I hate heights



Just imagine being up there. (Shudders). What are they even trying to reach? The telephone wires?


4) When you can’t find a ladder…



This just screams “falling injury” to me. I know I would definitely be falling.


5) That Wiring Though…



I don’t install fans, but i’m pretty sure the wires aren’t supposed to be poking out THAT far…


6) What is he even trying to do here



It looks like he’s standing on top one of those barrels and taking a picture of…whatever he’s working on. Also notice he’s practically slipping off. Oh no.


7) I hope that tree can support all that



My reaction when I saw the photo “Oh god he’s up really high–is that ladder leaning on a branch???? Oh god there’s one on the truck too???” Question to you all, how do you think they got the second ladder up there?


8) It’s ok buddy, we gotcha



To all you men and women out there who do this every day, I salute you. And I also assume you’re using a harness unlike this poor guy.


9) Why.



Is this like a weird way of making a power strip? Does this even work? Well I guess there’s one way to find out…R.I.P.  to the poor soul who gets electrocuted from this.


10) How did this even happen



Do you think touching the water would shock you, or are there any wires in there to begin with?


If you want your funny workplace fails to be featured in my future posts, comment below with links to images and I’ll post the best ones (and give you credit, of course).

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